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DTF Custom Business Bunch of Logo Transfers

DTF Custom Business Bunch of Logo Transfers

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We will print your custom business logo in the following sizes:

2-11" Adult size Transfers

4-4" pocket size transfers

40-2" tag size transfers

Please email me your logo file to be printed @

All images must be transparent should be 300 dpi.  You are not required for images to be 300 DPI but your quality will be much better, and we are not responsible if the print does not have high quality.  You MUST make all images transparent, if they are not, they will be printed as is.

Please make sure that you are submitting your artwork, you are certifying you are the designer of this artwork or have the legal right to produce a print artwork by a third party.  If is your responsibility to ensure you are authorizing the printing of this artwork with the design terms and conditions.

Prints are printed in CMYK colors and if yours has RGB colors then the printer will print in the next closest color.


Pressing Instructions:

All heat presses are different.

Pre-press garment for 7-10 seconds to remove any moisture.

Press transfer onto a garment at 320-340 degrees for 10-15 seconds with medium- heavy pressure.

Let garment cool then peel transfer slowly

Put garment back under press with Teflon sheet or butcher paper and repress print for 10 seconds.


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